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About the 2021 accelerator program

The Climate Accelerator Program in partnership with Lundin Foundation is targeting the most groundbreaking tech startups building solutions to fight climate change.

To overcome the biggest challenges out there and to reverse a climate disaster, we have to work together across industries and geographies and across private, public and non-governmental organisations. The Climate Accelerator Program is launched in partnership with Lundin Foundation in light of SDG number 17: ‘partnerships for the goals’.

The startups that are selected for the climate accelerator program will leverage Katapult’s extensive experience from running 10 accelerator programs over the last 4 years, in addition to the Katapult network of mentors, partners, impact investors and others. The startups will also be able to tap into Lundin Foundation's vast network of industry corporations and benefit from their 10 years experience of being a seasoned impact investor. 

Why apply to our accelerator program? 

We want to help increase the chances of your success, while simultaneously reducing your time and money spent on costly mistakes. We are not promising a solution to all your problems, but we have over the past four years developed an award winning accelerator program, tailored specifically to the needs of scaling early-stage impact startups fast. Selected companies will be offered the following:


Investment from our fund with ticket sizes ranging from $150 000 to $400 000 for equity, with potential for follow-on investment post program.

Tailored support

12 week fully digital program covering crucial areas related to the successful scaling of your company, such as investor readiness, sales and marketing, impact measurement, market positioning and tailored support to scale your business

Global Network

Access to global network of incentivised partners, mentors and impact investors.
Through the accelerator programs and alumni programs, all companies will be introduced to relevant people in the Katapult network.

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What are we looking for? 

We invest in early-stage start-ups with scalable solutions to combat climate change and accelerate solutions for a zero carbon and lower carbon future.

Renewable energy - production, distribution, storage, and use of zero and low carbon energy. I.e batteries and energy storage, wind, solar, hydrogen, thermal, smart grid, and energy infrastructure.

Smart cities, industry and clean mobility - reduction of CO2 emissions in industry, buildings and construction (energy efficiency and analytics, sensors, management, and monitoring), EV solutions and infrastructure, electricity usage, supply chain optimization, and transportation.

● Carbon Capture - carbon sequestration, optimization, infrastructure, and storage.

New Frontiers - enabling technologies, exploration, dashboards, and data analysis solutions. 

In addition to the main domains we are also looking into solutions that have an impact on i.e CO2 reduction and electrification on production of food.

How the program works

The program will run for about 90 days and include hands-on workshops, expert learning sessions, and 1-1 mentoring. A typical week will include on average 2-4 sessions, which will vary in length and intensity. Our main focus is for you to build a successful business, and we are careful to make sure each session provides you with useful tools you can apply to your business right away.

"90 days is a short amount of time, but still a crucial number of days in a startup's growth journey. We want to make sure you get the most out of it. With a grounded belief that startups are most effective when they work on their actual businesses, our job is to provide you with the right tools and resources to build better businesses, faster." - CEO, Nina Heir
The key topics for the program are the following: 

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The official deadline for our next program starting in October 2021 has now passed, however you may still register your interest as a late applicant. Particularly strong candidates will be moved forward in the process, but should you not hear from us within 4 weeks of submitting your application, it will be registered for our next program starting in 2022.

Frequently asked questions


What do we need to prepare for our interview?
Interviewing with an accelerator is different from other interviews you would prepare for. It isn’t a job interview nor is it an investor interview. We´re nestled somewhere in between so in order to best prepare for an interview with us, please read thisguide we prepared for you.

How many interviews do you conduct?
We typically conduct two interviews followed by follow-up emails with further questions on the specifics. In some cases, we may ask for a third interview just to clarify things further and make sure we´re all on the same page, especially if it´s an area we´ve not made prior investments in.

How long will each interview be?
The first interview will be 15-20 minutes long while the second one will be approximately 45 minutes long.

How can we find out about the status of our application?
Due to the number of applications, we tend to receive, we will unfortunately not be able to respond to every application. If you have applied to our program, our screening committee will be in touch if there´s a fit for our program. We will then keep you updated on a 1-1 basis.

When will I know if I am accepted into the program?
We can´t give you an exact timeline on this as we make decisions on a rolling basis. Having said that, you will have an indication of this by the time you have interviewed with us for the second time. Please reach out directly and we´ll do our best to address this.

Who from our team should attend the interview?
We highly recommend that the core team attend the interview. You don´t all have to converse during the interview, but we may have specific questions for more technical members of the team and in many cases, it´s just nice to put a face to the name(s).


What stage of startups do you invest in?
We invest in early-stage startups that have already proven their product-market fit, have some form of validation and have intentions to scale out of their own country of origin.

What type of companies do you invest in?
We invest in tech companies with a positive impact on the climate. You can find out more about what domains we specifically look for here.

Do you invest in the companies that go through the accelerator program?
Yes – we invest in all the companies selected to take part in our program.

What are your investment terms?
Our standard investment terms are a $150K investment for an 8% equity stake.

We have previously raised some funding. Are we still eligible to apply?
Of course! Many of our portfolio companies have raised previous funding prior to attending our program. Let us know more about this if you are selected for an interview with us.

When will a startup receive funding?
You will receive the funding once you have signed the LOI and our due diligence process has been completed.

Are there possibilities for additional investments in my company after the program?
Yes. We have set up a follow-on fund specifically for this and in order to make follow-on investments in our most promising companies. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Do we have to move to Norway to attend the program?
During our previous program companies have been asked to temporarily move to Norway for the duration of the program. However, the world looks different today, and due to the global pandemic we have decided to shift our program to a digital, online solution. You will, therefore, not have to relocate to Norway for the duration of the program.

Do you help founders with their visa applications?
Yes, this is something we usually help with, when we run our in-person program, however is not something you will need for our online program.

Do Katapult cover travel, food, and accommodation?
No. All selected companies will need to bear all travel and accommodation related costs along with all meals aside from a daily lunch that we provide during working hours.

We have a big team. Does everyone need to attend the program?
No, you do not. From our past experience, we have noted that having at least two core team members following all session forms the best tag-team approach. We are of course flexible on who is joining and when. For example, it would make the most sense to ensure your CMO is joining online during the “Growth Hacking” weeks, CTO during the “Exponential Tech” weeks and CEO during the better part of the program including all investment and leadership related weeks.


How many cohorts do you have each year?
We typically have one cohort per year.

How big are your cohorts?
Our cohorts typically range from 11-12 companies per program.

How can your program help scale our company?
Excellent question. We could write an essay about this or you could read more about this here on what to expect from our program.

Does it cost money to participate in the accelerator?
Yes! However, we have structured this fairly and will thus deduct $50k from your total investment received to cover the cost of the program. This means that you will receive a net of $100k from us.

What does the program cost cover?
The program cost covers the following; 1) Tailor-made sessions with experts in AI, Sales, Marketing, Fundraising and more 2) Seasoned in-house team with background from software development, marketing, consulting, investment banking, and private equity, at your disposal 3) Services and deals from our partners ranging from AWS, Microsoft, Stripe, Hubspot, SVW Law etc. 4) Different applications enabling us to run a quality online program, with a great user interface.


How do you handle the applicant's data?
We understand and respect your privacy and actively safeguard your data and adhere to the highest standards of GDPR policies in accordance with European laws. For more on this, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The technology we have created is cutting edge. How will you protect our data with regards to this and will you sign an NDA?
No, we will not sign an NDA at this stage. Our commitment to protecting your data extends to all the information you share with us. For more on this, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


If we are not accepted, will it be possible for us to re-apply in the future?
If you have not been selected for our next cohort, fret not. It is possible and in fact, encouraged that you re-apply for the next batch. One of the best things you can do is to focus on achieving traction and growth between your first application to your next. We have seen a number of determined companies do this which resulted in us accepting them in future programs.

We have previously graduated from another accelerator. Does that affect our chances of getting into this program?
We find that while there are many accelerators out there, we´re not all focused within the same area of “acceleration”. If you have previously participated in an accelerator program, tell us about it and we´ll do our best to help you make an informed decision if our program would fit your needs best. For reference, we have previously selected companies that have been through other programs around the world so this will not deter your chances.

I am a single founder. Is that a disadvantage?
We have previously accepted solo founders, that being said, we always advice such companies to work toward finding a co-founder so that the weight of the world won´t rest on just one shoulder. The startup journey can be tough and lonely on your own and research shows, you´re more likely to succeed with a co-founder.

Our company is not incorporated in Norway/Europe. Is that an issue?
Not at all. We run a globally focused program and have no issues with companies incorporated outside Europe. Having said that, we have seen that companies incorporated in either the US/Europe tend to have better post-program investment opportunities. We can talk more about this if you are selected for an interview.

Do we have to scale our product/service to Norway if we are selected?
No, you do not have to set up operations in or expand into Norway. We actively recommend testing out the Norwegian/Nordic markets if it´s relevant for your business but it´s not a requirement.

Does my company have to be Norwegian to apply?
No. No matter where you call home, we'd love to receive an application from you! We source and receive applications globally. Our pipelines regularly exceed 1800 companies from more than 90 countries and our current portfolio comprises of 46 companies from 25 countries.

At Katapult we work to make impact investing mainstream and mobilize capital and businesses to deliver positive impact. We accelerate and invest in tech companies solving the world’s greatest challenges. Through our existing investment and accelerator vehicles Katapult Accelerator and Katapult Ocean, we have invested in 90 companies from 32 different countries. The Katapult system has also done 30 direct impact investments. Several of our investments are within climate tech, smart cities, mobility, renewable energy, and more.
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